3 Engaging and Standards-Based End of the Year Activities

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It’s almost the end of the school year: you want to ensure your students go off into summer break having been taught to a high standard while engaging them in some fun activities. Sounds like an impossible task? Fear not! I’ve got three standards-based end of the year activities that will engage your students until summer vacation. These activities are sure to make learning fun for everyone involved!

Read to find 3 engaging and standards-based end of the year activities to complete with your upper grade class.

End of the Year Activities: Design an Imaginary Museum 

This one is great for getting kids thinking creatively while still working towards academic goals. Ask your students to design an imaginary museum dedicated to something they’ve studied throughout the year—whether it’s Ancient Egypt or force and motion in science class. They can draw out plans for their museum, create posters advertising its grand opening, and write scripts featuring tour guides explaining what visitors will learn within each exhibit—the possibilities are endless!

Work with your students to create a list of topics they can choose from. What have they learned this year? Creating a list of all the different topics they’ve studied over the course of a year cultivates a strong feeling of accomplishment. Then provide students with a rubric with the required elements and let your students work. This project will encourage students to review concepts from the entire year–a task that’s typically tedious but becomes suddenly engaging when presented with a creative challenge like this one! 

End of the year activities your students will love: Have students create a museum exhibit about something they have learned in the year.

End of the Year Activities: Create a Podcast Series

Podcasts are all the rage! From business tips to celebrity gossip, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. So why not start up your own classroom podcast series? Podcasts are also a great way to add differentiation to your classroom. Hello Teacher Lady has a great blog post on how to start a podcast in your classroom. Take a look here.

But how do you turn a podcast episode into a standards-based end of the year activity? Have students record a series of episodes based on topics from the year! You can focus on one subject or allow students to pick anything they’ve learned in the year. Create a rubric for students that encourages them to focus their podcast episode on the critical elements of the topic and why it was important to learn.

For example, students could create a podcast episode on adding and subtracting fractions. They would need to discuss the different ways they learned to add and subtract fractions, why learning this skill was important, and how they will use adding and subtracting fractions in the real world.

Looking to motivate your students even more? Tell them that you will be using their podcast episode next year when you are teaching your new students that concept/skill. Students will love knowing that they are helping you teach your new students. If you continue to do this each year, students will love hearing the podcasts and will get excited to create their own at the end of the school year.

End of the year activities your students will love: Have students create a podcast episode about something they have learned in the year.

End of the Year Activities: Math Color by Numbers

The end of the year can also bring a lot of tasks that you need to get completed. Sometimes you need students to work quietly and independently. But with all the summer excitement that can be difficult to do. I know just what you need!

Math Color by Number is a great way to engage your students in quiet, meaningful review practice. Available in 5th, 4th, and 3rd grade standards these six activities cover all five math standard domains. Each problem-solving page includes a variety of standards-based review questions. The color pages are engaging for upper-grade students and summer-themed to build on all the excitement. Use all the included color-by-number activities or pick and choose the concepts you would like your students to review. Each page includes an answer key for easy grading.

Math Color by Number end of the year activities is the perfect way to keep your students engaged and learning. They can be used in a variety of settings including whole-class, centers, homework, and even assessments. With the help of Math Color by Numbers, you can end your year with a bang.

Check them out here…

5th Grade

4th Grade

3rd Grade

End of the year activities your students will love: Use these color by number math reviews as a way to provide an engaging and independent review

These end of the year activities are a great way to end your school year on a high note. Let your students celebrate all the amazing things they have accomplished this year with engaging and standards-based end of the year activities. Good luck and happy end of the year!

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