How to Use 5th Grade Fractions Worksheets to Engage Your Upper Elementary Students

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I have an unpopular opinion… worksheets get a bad rap. That’s right I said it! But I do believe that not all worksheets are created equally. I like to think that there are “worksheets” and then there are 5th grade fractions worksheets that can be fun, engaging, and provide more than basic skills practice.

Worksheets can be boring. There’s no doubt about that. But worksheets can also provide students with essential practice opportunities for new math skills.

While I do think there is space in every math block for basic fraction worksheets. I believe that there are also 5th grade fractions worksheets that can engage students in meaningful skills practice that transcends a basic worksheet. So let’s dive into what that looks like.

How to engage students with 5th grade fractions worksheets

5th Grade Fractions Worksheets: Color by Numbers

These really are a basic 5th grade fractions worksheet with a little added bonus of fun! The way a color-by-number works is students solve the fraction problems on the problem-solving page and then they use those answers to color the image on the corresponding page.

Adding this little extra bonus of coloring really engages students in the practice they need. Sure, they have to solve the problem, but they also need to make sure they have the correct answer, so they can color the picture.

It also proves to be a self-checking activity that allows students to monitor their own progress. If the answer they have for a problem isn’t on the color page, then they know they did not solve the fraction problem correctly. Students cannot just power through the worksheet. They need to check their work with the picture to ensure that they are correctly practicing the fraction skill.

Plus, even 5th graders love to color. These color-by-number pictures aren’t your cute little apple designs. These color pictures are a design that is engaging for 5th grade students.

These worksheets provide basic practice of specific 5th grade fractions skills but are also engaging for students. They are no-prep and are easy to plug into math centers or independent practice time.

Color by numbers are engaging 5th grade fractions worksheets for students to complete.

5th Grade Fractions Worksheets: Math Projects

If you have not done a math project in your classroom, you are missing out! Math projects are an engaging way to complete 5th grade fractions worksheets. Math projects are easy to prep because they are basically worksheets. But they are SO much more engaging than a regular worksheet.

A math project is a set of worksheets that focuses on a set of skills for students to practice, but all the pages in the project tie together. They normally revolve around a common theme that helps to keep students engaged.

So in a math project, students are getting paper pencil practice, but these projects require students to use more critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Math projects are more engaging for students than regular worksheets because they create a problem that students need to solve. This helps to create more buy-in and excitement for students than a plain worksheet.

Have you ever been asked… “When will I ever use this in the real world?” I mean what teacher hasn’t been asked that? Well, math projects help students answer that exact question. They provide students with an experience of how the math skills they are learning are used in the real world.

Want to see what I am talking about? Take a look at the Math City Candy Shop and Pizzeria. The 5th grade candy shop math project focuses on adding and subtracting fractions, while the pizzeria math project focuses on multiplying and dividing fractions. Both math projects require students to use a variety of fraction skills to solve the problems and complete the project.

You see math projects aren’t regular worksheets. They are math activities that bring relevance and engagement to fractions skills practice. You can have students complete math projects independently, in small groups, or with partners. Plug them anywhere into your math time for an engaging math activity!

Check out Math City Candy Shop here.

Check out Math City Pizzeria here.

Use math projects as engaging 5th grade fractions worksheets for standards-based practice.

What about differentiating worksheets?

A lot of times we think we need 3 different levels of a worksheet in order to differentiate the content for our students. But that isn’t the only way to make the content in 5th grade fractions worksheets more accessible to your students.

Check out this FREE fractions differentiation toolkit! It is easy to use and a great way to provide students with extra support while working on 5th grade fractions worksheets.

All you need to do is grab your free differentiation toolkit here. Then print off the toolkit page and decide which of the included “tools” or supports you want to give to your students. The toolkit includes over 12 fraction differentiation supports that you can use with your upper elementary students practicing fraction skills.

You can make every student a toolkit or provide them to students that need extra support. A toolkit is simple to build and customize to the needs of individual students.

Using a toolkit is a great way to make 5th grade fractions worksheets more accessible and engaging to your students.

Engaging 5th grade fractions worksheets can be a great help for teachers and students alike. Besides helping children to understand fractions better, these worksheets bring a sense of fun and creativity into the classroom.

So don’t let a bad reputation hold you back. Engage your students with these 5th grade fractions worksheets today!

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