4 Wicked Fun Upper-Grade Math Activities for Halloween

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Are you looking for a spooktacular way to engage your upper-grade students with math this Halloween? Look no further! I have compiled some wickedly fun math activities for Halloween that will excite and challenge your students. You’ll find lots of ideas here to inspire and engage your class in ways they won’t forget! So grab a mug of hot apple cider and get ready because it’s time for some trick-or-treat-inspired math lessons!

Read to find 4 wickedly fun math activities for Halloween

Math Activities for Halloween: Color by Number

Are you in the middle (or end) of your place value unit? Then this spooky fun activity is just what you need! Halloween color by number is a great way to provide standards-based place value practice while staying in the festive spirit!

This no-prep activity includes 3 different color-by-number activities: reading and writing numbers, comparing numbers, and rounding numbers. Each color by number activity includes 3 versions, in order to meet a variety of classroom and grade level needs!

Grab this best-selling math activity here and add it to your Halloween fun!

Math Activities for Halloween: Use this festive and engaging color by number that focuses on place value skills. Includes 3 variations of each picture.

Looking to provide a little extra support for your students while completing place value activities like this color by number? Grab this FREE place value differentiation toolkit!

Math Activities for Halloween: Candy Corn Craze

Candy corn is in no short supply around Halloween and can be used for a variety of math activities.

One activity my students always love is to use a candy corn image to show a number written in a variety of ways. All you need to do is print out a large image of candy corn and students can write a number in number form, word form, and expanded form on each of the candy corn layers. So easy, but also makes for a great Halloween display in your classroom!

Have you seen Jennifer Findley’s blog post on using candy corn for math? It’s full of great ideas and even includes a freebie. Be sure to check it out here.

Math activities for Halloween: Read this blog full of ideas on how to use candy corn to explore math skills.

Math Activities for Halloween: Math Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzles are so much fun! And they’re even more fun when they are festive puzzles. Available in both whole numbers and decimal numbers, they are sure to be a frighteningly good time for your students.

Logic Puzzles can be tricky for students, that’s why each one of these puzzles includes 4 differentiated versions of the puzzle. Each version supports students so they can develop the problem-solving skills they need. Once they master solving the problems at one level, move them up to the next and watch their critical thinking skills soar.

Math activities for Halloween: Use these cute and engaging logic puzzles to help build problem solving and critical thinking skills in your students.

Check out the Decimal Numbers Halloween Logic Puzzles here.

Check out the Whole Numbers Halloween Logic Puzzles here.

Math Activities for Halloween: Candy Probability

Candy is everywhere during Halloween, so why not put it to good use? All you will need are some mixed bags of candy and some eager students.

Divide the class into groups and give each group a bag of candy. Ask them to count how many pieces are in the bag and then have them create a probability chart based on what type of candy is inside.

They also can use the probability chart to answer questions such as, “What is the likelihood of pulling out a chocolate bar?” or “What is the chance of getting three types of candy in a row?”

Once everyone has had a chance to create their own probability charts, combine all the bags together and ask each group to answer questions using the combined data. This is a great way to get your students thinking in terms of probability while using up some of that Halloween candy.

Math activities for Halloween: Use all that leftover candy to explore probability.

These are just a few of the wicked fun upper-grade math activities for Halloween. I hope you can find lots of ways to get your students excited about math this Halloween! Happy Trick or Treating!

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