Looking for a Break From State Testing? Try These 5 Fun Math Activities!

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It’s the season for testing! And state testing can leave our students feeling like zombies when they have finished a testing season. That leaves us teachers wondering how best to spend the rest of our school day. 

We want to keep our day academic but also understand that our students may have difficulty focusing after all that work. Here are five engaging and fun math activities you can do with your students on those crazy testing days.

Discover 5 fun math activities to do when your students aren't testing

1. Fun Math Activities: Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are a fun way to engage students after state testing. These activities are fun themes and challenge students’ critical thinking skills without realizing it. You can read more about logic puzzles here.

These logic puzzles include four differentiated versions, so you can easily meet various student needs and levels. Students can start at one level and move to the next once they develop stronger problem-solving skills.

These logic puzzles are available in both whole and decimal number puzzles. There are ten puzzles so that you can use them throughout the testing season as fun math activities.

Logic puzzles are  fun math activities for students to do when they are not testing.

2. Fun Math Activities: Board Games

Never underestimate the power of a good board game!

Games like Yahtzee, Monopoly, Chess, and Checkers are great options for students to work on math skills and problem-solving. These games encourage students to use their critical thinking skills in a fun and engaging way.

You could even set up a little board game tournament for students. This would give them something to look forward to after their tests and is easy for you to plan and manage.

Board games can be fun math activities to do when your testing is all done for the day.

3. Fun Math Activities: Math Pictures

Are you looking for something for students to do quietly in their seats after they finish their test? Monthly math pictures are just what you need.

Here is how a math picture works… Provide students with a blank sheet of paper and the equation page.

Students then solve the equations and draw an image based on their answers. For example, it might say to draw 3 x 4 trees. Students will solve that equation and draw 12 trees.

Math pictures are fun math activities that students can work on quietly and independently.

Each monthly math picture activity comes with 4 picture and problem-solving pages. So you can use them throughout the test season. Math Pictures are available in both multiplication division and decimal operations.

Bonus! They make a great math bulletin board display inside your classroom as well.

Want to try these fun math activities first? Grab this free math picture!

4. Fun Math Activities: Outdoor Math Scavenger Hunt

Want to get your students some fresh air and to get moving? Take them outside with a scavenger hunt!

This does not have to be anything fancy and can cover math topics. All you need to do is create a list of 5-10 things you would like them to find outside, partner them up, and watch them explore.

Here are some ideas on things that could go on your scavenger hunt list…

-find symmetrical objects

-find objects that are certain shapes (square, sphere, rhombus)

-create fractional items (⅔ of flowers are pink, etc.)

-create arrays of items

-find items that are a certain length or weight

-create patterns with items found outside

Scavenger hunts are fun math activities that will let students release all that extra energy

After a long testing session, the fresh air and movement would do everyone good!

5. Fun Math Activities: Get Cooking or Baking

Test those fractions and measurement skills and whip up some yummy food to unwind from busy testing sessions.

I suggest looking for easy, no-bake recipes that fit into your classroom (be mindful of dietary restrictions). Students can work together, or you can have each student make their little treat.

Here are some no-bake ideas that might work…

-cereal bars

-yogurt parfaits

-trail mix

-energy bites

-veggie or fruit dips

Cooking and baking are fun math activities that you can do once your students have finished testing for the day or week

Adding nourishment to the day is a good way to get students excited and fueled up for more testing sessions.

When you are in the thick of the testing season, it can be hard to balance learning and fun. Remember, your students are working hard and need a little time to unwind, but that does not mean it’s free time. Use one or all of these fun math activities this testing season for a little organized math fun!

Good luck!

P.S. Are you looking for some ideas on how to review for state testing? Check out this post filled with ideas!

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