Get Festive With These 7 Jolly Christmas Math Activities for Big Kids

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‘Tis the season for celebrating and learning! The holidays are a time to share joy, reflect on our past year, and spread festive cheer. But with so much going on during this joyous period, it can be hard to find Christmas math activities that will keep your big kids’ minds engaged while still meeting grade-level standards.

Well, fear not! We have 7 jolly math activities perfect for upper-grade classrooms that are sure to make them smile through winter break!

7 jolly Christmas math activities for upper grade students

Christmas Math Activities: Winter Holidays Around the World Math Project

Each year I teach a winter holiday around the unit. It is one of my favorite units every year. The students always love learning about new celebrations and cultures.

I have always been able to find a plethora of ELA materials to support this unit. But then math time would hit and BOOM, we were just completely taken out of the spirit of the season. So I decided that I needed something that would allow us to keep our jolly vibes going all day long.

Insert the Winter Holidays Around the World Math Project! This no-prep math project is fully aligned to grade-level standards (because we can’t just take the month of December off!) and is available in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade standards.

Each page covers a grade-level place value or algebraic thinking standard (Hello, mid-year review!) and one winter holiday from around the world. The pages do not tie together so you can pick and choose the holidays and/or skills you want your students to work on.

Want to know my favorite part? The project is set up as a passport! Each math page has a small circle on it and once students correctly complete the page, they can earn the corresponding passport stamp (included). Talk about some extra motivation!

This math project is my absolute favorite! And every year my students look forward to using it! Plug this easy-to-use project in your math centers, small groups, early finishers, and more!

3rd Grade Winter Holidays Math Project

4th Grade Winter Holidays Math Project

5th Grade Winter Holidays Math Project

One of my favorite Christmas math activities is a winter holidays around the world math project.

Christmas Math Activities: Winter Holiday Math Picture

You will LOVE this FREE print-and-go activity! It is seasonal, without being too Christmasy. Plus it makes for a great holiday display in your classroom!

Here’s how a math picture works… students will get the problem-solving page and a blank sheet of paper. From there they solve the problems and then draw that number of items. For example, it might say to draw 5×5 colored lights around the door. Students will solve 5×5 and then draw 25 lights around the door. So easy!

This no prep Christmas math activity is available in multiplication and division and decimal operations. I love to use this activity in math centers, sub plans, early finishers, or even as a quiet rotation or activity at our holiday celebration. The choices are endless.

Grab this FREE holiday activity here!

This free winter holidays math pictures is one of the best Christmas math activities.

Christmas Math Activities: Christmas Around the World Color by Number

Remember that holidays around the world unit I mentioned? Well, this standards-based activity fits right in! This festive color-by-number includes pictures for Christmas in Australia, Germany, Mexico, and Sweden.

This no-prep math activity reviews place values skills, addition, and subtraction, along with multiplication and division. A perfect review of the skills you have been learning. It also includes 3 versions of each skill, making this activity perfect for a diverse group of learners and grade levels.

Engage your energetic little elves with some meaningful math practice, while keeping with the festivities of the season. Grab this festive activity here!

Don't forget about Christmas math activities that celebrate Christmas all around the world like this color by number activity.

Christmas Math Activities: 12 Days of Christmas Word Problems

Grab this festive FREEBIE from Minds in Bloom! This NO-PREP activity is the perfect way to practice multi-step word problems in a fun and engaging way. Your students will love learning how generous their “true love” was to them this Christmas.

Grab it here!

Christmas Math Activities: Christmas Logic Puzzle

Logic Puzzles are always so much fun! These Christmas logic puzzles are a jolly way to provide extra math practice with a holiday theme.

Many kids love logic puzzles, but some students may be intimidated by the puzzles because it challenges their critical thinking skills. Well, I have a solution for you! These Christmas logic puzzles include 4 differentiated versions, so you can help your students develop and build those problem-solving skills.

These print-and-go activities are available with whole numbers or decimal numbers. Grab these festive puzzles and watch your students have a blast while they practice math skills. It’s the perfect blend of education and holiday entertainment!

Take a closer look…

Whole Number Logic Puzzles

Decimal Number Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are festive and no-prep Christmas math activities.

Christmas Math Activities: Grow a Christmas Tree Farm Math Game

Oh, I love this activity from Math Geek Mama. It combines Christmas, a book, and a math game! So fun!

In this activity, you read the book Christmas Farm by Mary Lyn Ray which is filled with numbers and offers many opportunities for number discussions with your students. Then you can play the Christmas Tree Farm game that Math Geek Mama has created.

Learn more about this festive and fun activity here. Be sure to grab your free game as well!

Use Christmas math activities that include math concepts and literature!

Christmas Math Activities: 3D Sierpinski Fractal Christmas Tree

Looking to bring a little art into your math time? This activity is just what you need!

Wait, what is a Sierpinski triangle? It essentially is an equilateral triangle that can be subdivided recursively into smaller equilateral triangles. Can you visualize the Christmas tree?

The blog What Do We Do All Day, includes everything you need to recreate this engaging hands-on activity in your upper elementary classroom.

Grab this festive idea and bring your math time to life!

Who says math can’t be festive? With these fun activities, your students won’t be able to get enough of the Christmas spirit! With hands-on activities as well as print-and-go activities, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your upper elementary classroom. Your students will be engaged in math like never before!

So how are you going to celebrate in your classroom this holiday season?🎄

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