The Ultimate End of the Year Math Review Activities

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The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and students everywhere are starting to get those summertime vibes. Chances are you are making the final push to get everything in while ensuring your students don’t start their summer vacation too early and are looking for an end of the year math review.

So, how do you engage summer-eager students at the end of the year? How about with some coloring?

Coloring? Isn’t that for the little kids?! No! Upper-grade students love to color, too, and when you combine coloring with a meaningful end of the year math review, what more could you ask for?

So whether you want to do a little test prep with your students or an end of the year math review, these common core standards-based math activities are perfect for the whole class. Let’s take a look at these fun activities!

The ultimate end of the year math review activities.

What is a color by number?

A color-by-number activity is a simple, no-prep activity that teachers and students love! Each activity has two parts: the problem-solving page and the coloring page. The coloring page has an image and numbers on it.

Students need to solve the math problems on the problem-solving page to discover what colors they need to use to color the picture on the coloring page. The math problems on the problem-solving page are broken into boxes. All the answers in those boxes will be a specific color.

A color by number end of the year math review

Once students have completed those problems, they go to the coloring page and color any area with that specific color for any of those answers. They continue doing this until the entire image is completed.

How does this end of the year math review work?

This end of the year math review is grade-specific. There is a 5th, 4th, and 3rd grade version. Six problem-solving and coloring pages cover all five math domains in each grade-level-specific packet. Each end of the year math review has an activity for place value, operations and algebraic thinking, fractions, measurement, geometry, and number operations. 

For example, the 5th grade math review will include six different color-by-number activities to review specific grade-level math skills you have covered in the school year. The skills are not mixed but rather organized according to the math concepts. Do you want your 5th graders to review the fraction skills you taught earlier in the year? Have them complete the fractions color-by-number review. It is a mixed review of 5th grade fractions common core standards.

Students use this end of the year math review to practice skills they've learned.

Each activity includes various math problem-solving structures. There are number sentences, word problems, finding the missing number, and more. These activities challenge students to review the math concepts they learned this year in a variety of ways.

Take a closer look at each grade level’s end of the year math review.

5th Grade Math Review

4th Grade Math Review

3rd Grade Math Review

How can I use these interactive activities?

The best part of these end of the year math review pages is that they can be plugged into your lesson plans in many ways! Let’s explore this more!

End-of-year station: Plug this engaging math review into your stations or centers. It is a no-prep activity that keeps your students engaged and on-task in math centers.

Small groups: These color-by-number reviews are a great activity for small math groups. They allow you to see what skills your students have mastered and which skills they could use extra work on.

Independent practice: The end of the year can be a little crazy, and sometimes, you need students to work quietly and independently while you work to get various things done. This coloring activity is perfect for students to complete quietly in their seats.

Sub plans: Do you have to be out during this hectic time of year? Don’t worry. Add these color-by-number activities to your sub plans for an easy prep and explanation activity for your guest teacher.

Morning work: Your upper elementary students will love starting their day off with some coloring! It is a peaceful and calming way to begin their day. So plug this color-by-number end of the year math review into your morning work plans.

Independent work packet: Don’t want to give students each activity individually? Create a work packet of all the activities students can complete at home during summer break or during the school day whenever they have some spare time.

Plug this no prep end of the year math review into your lesson plans.

This end of year math review is easy to plug into your lesson plans. It requires little prep from you and is a fun way to review all the math you’ve covered this school year.

All the extras…

These end of the year math review activities are great because they are self-checking. If students cannot find an answer on the coloring page, they know they solved that problem incorrectly. They can return to the problem-solving page and try to solve it again.

It’s also easy for you, as the teacher, to monitor and see their progress. If you see a color in the wrong place, you can quickly pinpoint where your students are struggling.

Each color-by-number activity comes with three answer keys: an answer key for the problem-solving page, an answer key for the coloring page, and a completed coloring page for you to reference. This makes it easy for you to monitor students’ progress no matter where they are in the activity. 

The coloring pages in this end of the year math review are summer-themed. Solving the math problems and coloring the fun beach-themed images is a fun way to prepare for their upcoming break.

Plus, these end math review activities make a great bulletin board display! They are a colorful way to display the math your students are learning. They will send those summer vibes throughout your math classroom.

This end of the year math activity makes for a fun and colorful classroom display.

As the end of the year approaches, it can be easy for students to start sliding into summer. However, there is a way to review essential math skills from the school year while prepping for summer break. This end-of-the-year review is a great resource to help students stay engaged and focused in the final days of the school year. 

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